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I enjoy meeting new people and learning about local cultures and customs.

Staying in Saigon until december this year and would like to learn some Vietnamese while im here! I love to chat while sharing a meal, a drink or a cuppa tea.


I play guitar, climb, train aikido, travel the world, read literature, look at art and cook all kinds of food! 


  • There are many ways to say hello but how can we actually say goodbye?

  • Hi! 
    I have been studying Vietnamese for a couple of months now and am looking for some fairly simple books in Vietnamese.
    Preferably with pictures so that its easy to understand the context.
    Important is that they are not using too much slang and dont have a lot of misspellings.

    Any tips?

  • Hi guys!

    So im having trouble finding how to properly translate this sentence. Google translate just gives me a very literal translation that doesnt have the same meaning.. any ideas?

  • Hi guys!

    I would like to learn some not so formal ways of greeting each other.
    In the textbooks we mostly learn phrases like Khoe khong and so on..
    What are people normally using with their friends?

    Thanks! C

  • Today ive learned a really useful sentence pattern which works in the same way as "have you ever" in English.
    Its quite simple and can apparently be used like this:

    Anh         (đã) từng   đến    Nha Trang    chưa?
    Subject+ đã từng + Verb + (Object) +  chưa?

    Do you guys know any other variations of this, like how would i for example say
    "have you(group of people) already had lunch?"

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