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Language exchange

35 members | 4 discussions

Discuss good topics to talk about, strategies for making the exchange more fun and rewarding and everything else related

Language exchange partners in English

33 members | 1 discussions

I don't have any opportunities speaking English in usual life. I'd like to improve my English conversation skill and find new friends in the world because I want to know other cultures.Please send me a message if you're interested.

Ask anything about Vietnamese language

17 members | 5 discussions

Everything you need to know about the Vietnamese language and how to study it. Discuss, ask questions and get answers.

Japanese beginners group

8 members | 1 discussions

A group for beginners where we can ask questions and practice writing Japanese

The old Linguar discussion forum

3 members | 107 discussions

Moved all older discussions here

Keyboard layouts

3 members | 1 discussions

Everybody studying foreign languages has had problems with this. Lets help each other out on how to set things up!

English Literature

2 members | 1 discussions


1 members | 0 discussions


Linguar feature requests

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Have a great idea for a new feature? Share it with us here!