What is Linguar.com, and what exactly does it do?

It's a worldwide language exchange network that allows you to meet face-to-face or over the messaging software that comes with this site, where you may quickly type and correct each other's writings. 

Please see our tutorial on how to do tandem language exchange for additional information.

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Why join linguar?

Linguar is a place to learn languages together with native speakers and professional teachers in a much freer environment than the traditional classroom.

By being listed you immediately become discoverable by thousands of other language students on the site who are eager to learn.

Working together on Linguar through constructive conversation builds skills and relationships you can take with you anywhere in the world.
Get as much as you give in a community of like-minded people wanting to learn, help and meet in your free time.

What features does this site have?

Language partners

Make friends from the whole world to practice and learn together

Private tutors

Find qualified teachers for either online or offline study sessions

Online chat

Talk in real time with your language partners over the linguar network


Find groups with people sharing the same interests as you

More than just learning a language

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