I am an English teacher by profession and I am dropping here my skype so that interested people can contact me anytime. I am also looking for business partners

My skype : nasiba_b

Nasiba babadjanova
Nasiba Babadjanova
Posted over 1 year ago
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Hello,This is jennifer torres kindly get back to me Please for a special reason I am Waiting for you
([email protected])

Posted about 1 year ago

How are you? reply me via email([email protected]) let us talk,

Posted 10 months ago
  my name is Eleanor, I am happy to meet you. sorry i am not online often because of my work. I am ready to exchange with you, contact me by email to facilitate our communication and get to know you better

[email protected]

I will respond to you upon receipt of your message
Elianne ann
elianne ann
Posted 10 months ago