Offering: German; looking for English skype partner

I understand English pretty much fluently but I only speak it moderatly so I want to imrpove and I'm searching for a skype partner for it. I'm a native german speaker and can help you in exchange to learn/improve your german. If you're interested just add me in skype -> ulquiorracifer

Trickster loki
Trickster Loki
Posted over 10 years ago
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I added you on skype :)

Posted over 10 years ago

I would like to as well if you're still looking :) my SkypeID is gonzalezcaa


Posted over 10 years ago

I know this post is a little old, but I also am interested in talking to you as I'm learning German, and I'm native English speaking. My Skype is crembone

Posted about 10 years ago