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  • I am Native Japanese who is working in HCMC. 

    I have been staying here for 1.5 year. 

    Id like to spend my spare time to support people who want to improve their Japanese conversation skill. 

  • Born Vietnamese, trying to gain as much as possible about language in the world.

  • Donatellam





    I am a native language Professor and journalist graduated from the University of Bologna - Italy and I work with attorneys, university Professors as well as writers, doctors and opera singers (students reviews available on my profile). I am certain that my qualifications will only benefit you and I would be glad to help you master the Italian language.

    I offer a method based on the centrality of the learner and on real communication.
    I consider the language not merely a system of rules, but above all the main tool to communicate, comprehend and express oneself in real contexts. Naturally this method includes the study of the rules of syntax and grammar, as essential to Italian language learning, but which alone are insufficient for gaining a true command.
    The students are encouraged to practice the language from the beginning in order to improve the linguistic skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) in true-to-life communicative situations. The friendly and relaxing atmosphere encourages quick and easy learning of the language.
    I suggest my students to buy a text book at the start of the course and, subsequently, I will enrich my classes with a wide variety of up-to date links, which will show the real use of the spoken language.

    I teach via Skype, my lessons  have a duration of 30 to 90 minutes,  at the rate
    of 1$ per minute. Other arrangements can be made according to the number of classes required.

    Shall you have any questions feel free to contact me:

    Best regards

    Pro. Donatella

  • My name is Daniel Eslick. I am from Cape Town in South Africa. I have a degree in Journalism and English literature and I am a TEFL teacher in Vietnam.

    I taught English for a year in South Korea and decided to move to Saigon in order to learn more about Vietnam's fascinating culture and taste the country's amazing food. I look forward to finding a language partner and helping you improve your communication skills.  

  • Johnszeged





    FREE English Lessons - Ingyenes Angolórák - In Szeged


    FREE Conversational English In Your Home And/Or In Public Areas

    Improve Your Existing/Forgotten English In Szeged

    Would you like to IMPROVE your existing (or forgotten/school) English?.....For FREE? 

    Szeretned FEJLESZTENI mar meglevo angoltudasod?.....Ingyen? 

    Do you live in Szeged, Hungary? 
    Szegeden elsz? 

    Do you REALLY want to learn English? 
    IGAZAN akarsz angolt tanulni? 

    If you can answer YES to the 4 questions above I may be able to help you, for FREE, depending on your learning level. 
    Ha mind az 4 kerdesre igennel valaszolsz, lehetseges hogy tudok neked segiteni, ingyen, az angoltudasodtol fuggoen. 

    PLEASE NOTE - I do not teach Hungarian or speak Hungarian. I only teach and speak English. 
    Figyelem! - En nem beszelek magyarul, csak angolul tudunk kommunikalni, csak angolt tanitok. 

    NO GRAMMAR LESSONS! - I only teach everyday conversational English, with pronunciation help, in your home and/or in public places. Grammatical problems are not discussed. 
    NEM TANITOK NYELVTANT - csak beszelgetes angolul nyilvanos helyeken, vagy a te otthonodban, hetkoznapi temakrol. Celom a beszedkeszseged es a kiejtes javitasa, nem a nyelvtani problemak megvitatasa. 




    Cycling, Swimming, Gym, Running, etc

  • Jesusariels


    English Spanish


    Portuguese Italian

    I am a Certified English Language Teacher. I have a Masters Degree from Universidad de La Sabana and an ICELT from Cambridge University. Currently, I live in in Fayetteville, North Carolina teaching languages. 

    I am interested in helping anybody, especially if you can help me with my Portuguese or Italian.

  • Stella


    Italian Portuguese Spanish



    My name is STELLA and I am a CERTIFIED ITALIAN TEACHER (native speaker) with experience in Italy and abroad.

    I am an Italian polyglot from Calabria who traveled the world and are fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese of Brazil and a little French.

    If you would like to keep studying and practicing your Italian and you have a Skype account, I would like to invite you for a first Italian FREE LESSON!

    I offer ONLINE training, development and improvement of your skills in:

    •          GRAMMAR


    •          PRONUNCIATION

    •          CONVERSATION

    I personalize your classes according to your learning, your level, your skills and your targets.

    Further information about:

    • I will tailor the lessons to your specific needs
    • Courses available any day of the week including weekends, flexible hours (morning, afternoon and evening)
    • You do not have to move, the teacher is coming to you! (saving money and a lot of time)

    In order to book your lesson or to get more information, please send an email to

    If you want to improve your Spanish/Portuguese of Brazil Speaking Skills as well, I can help you!

  • Windty


    English Filipino


    English Chinese Japanese Korean

    I am Kara. I'm an Online Tutor. I can teach you English and Filipino. Trial Lesson Fee is $30. Actual Lesson fee is $15 per hour. Contact me if Interested.

  • Thyri




    English German Spanish


    I'm an Italian teacher with a MA university degree and experience in teaching Italian to foreign students. I have been teaching for the last 6 years foreign students and for the last one in München (Germany) as a private teacher and in the private language schools. I always find a personal method of teaching that my students need... so let's start to learn with me and enjoy your Italian lessons :)

    I offer lessons only via skype at any level.

    If you are interested, feel free to contact me at any time.


  • Nguyenvinh





    Learning Vietnamese language to understand native people seem to be an importance thing for you when you live in Vietnam.

    You may stay in Vietnam for a long time for your work or just a traveler. Whatever your aim, learning the Vietnamese language plays a key role when you want  to communicate to the local people and understand our culture as well. We will be surprised when you can speak the Vietnamese language.

     My name is Vinh. I graduated from Sai Gon University, Business English major. With my real experience in teaching language for foreigner I can help you to understand our language as well as use it in communication. I am ready come to your house.

  • Ai





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