Language exchange partners in Fort-lauderdale
  • Vic
    Male, 29






    Sports, Nature, Animals

  • Jeff oster
    Jeff oster
    Male, 47





    I am a very friendly American who is interested in learning several languages. I am of British/German/Scandinavian Descent.  I would like to make friends and learn Norwegian, Swedish, French, German, and Spanish. I live in Sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida. I am hoping to meet some friends and if we become fast friends I would like to pay their way to the States round trip so we can meet in person. I work for a stockbroker, a CPA, and I own my own trading business. I volunteer and I am involved in Extreme sports. Mostly surfing, Skateboarding.  I love all sports, love all kinds of music. Action, drama movies. I love the great outdoors, and love to camp and hike. Im also an ISSA Certified Personal trainer, also certified for youth.  I am single and I am looking for a significant other. I love children and would love to meet someone who already has children to help raise. If there is anything else you would like to know about me don't hesitate to ask. I would like to meet and be Skype pals with anyone from around the World.  Skype: jeff.oster7


    Extreme Sports, volunteering, outdoor activities, I play the bagpipes, and I'm also into martial arts, and Showjumping.

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