Vietnamese language class information.

Dear all Neighbor,

Learning Vietnamese language to understand native people seem to be an importance thing for you when you live in Vietnam.

 You may stay in Vietnam for a long time for your work or just a traveler. Whatever your aim, learning the Vietnamese language plays a key role when you want  to communicate to the local people and understand our culture as well. We will be surprised when you can speak the Vietnamese language.

 My name is Vinh. I graduated from Sai Gon University, Business English major. With my real experience in teaching language for foreigner I can help you to understand our language as well as use it in communication. I am ready come to your house. Below is the particular information:

  1) For the beginner:

       * Purpose:   Basic communication ( Asking name, age, introducing yourself, counting......) and basic pronunciation. 

       * Duration:  20 periods ( with 1,5 hour or 1 hour, It depends on your learning ability).  

       * Place:       Your house or any place that suits you.

       * Time:        We will discuss to find best solution                   

       * Fee:          7 usd/ hour + 50.000 vnd for fuel.

   2) For intermediate: For those can introduce him/herself, count, ask some basic issues: name, age, way, order food.

       * Purpose:    Expanding your ability in communication ( with particular topic: family, company, transportation...) and improving your pronunciation ability.

       * Durattion:  20 periods ( with 1.5 hour or 1 hour, It depends on our learning ability).

       * Time:         We will discuss to find the best solution.

       * Place:        Your house or any place that suits you.

       * Fee:           8 usd/ hour + 50.000 vnd for fuel.

 If you want to know more information, please contact me at this email  address:, or fell free to contact directly to my phone: 0916.881.725.

 We will discuss more things regarding this subject.

  Looking forward to hearing from you.


 Best regards.

Nguyen Phuoc Vinh


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