Help me with German(Intermediate) or French(Beginner) or Spanish(beginner)and I will help you with English(expert) .

Hi People, so happy to have found this site and now hoping to connect with other language and culture crazies like me.A small introduction to begin with.

I am Gowtham  from India.I have learnt German for a year and a half and can have a pretty decent conversation on most topics in German,but want to improve it further. I have also been learning French since 3months now and I just started learning Spanish as well.I am fluent in English and am looking for a language Partner who can help me with one of the three above mentioned languages and I can help you with English. 

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Hi. I can help you with spanish. I know a little English and I'm begining to study french languge. We can talk by skype if you want.

Posted over 10 years ago