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    Hi guy. I'm John from Brazil, 15 years old. I want to talk with people from all over the world.
    I principally want to talk with Japanese speakers, if you don't speak Japanese, let's talk too !
    I've been studying Japanese about 1 years and 7 months. I can speak Portuguese fluently, feel free to ask me something about PT. 
     I like Rock, Eletronic and Pop music.

    Feel free to ask something about me !



    Japanese friends, Japanese language and Japan culture.

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    Hello everybody. How are you? Nice to meet you. I'm João from Brazil 14 years old boy. I love learning languages (I want to be a polyglot). Could you help me with my Japanese? I can teach my mother tongue for you which's Portuguese (Brazil). Bye. (I'll try to write it in Japanese, sorry if something is wrong)

    皆さん、こんにちは。元気?はじめまして。僕はジョアンです。ブラジル人です。十四歳男です。僕は言語を勉強してが愛している。 (ポリ五ロットなりたいです)。誰か僕は、日本語を教えてくれますか?僕はあなたが私の母語を教えますが、ポルトガル語です。バイ。


    I'm interested all about Japan! and also countries too!

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