Language exchange partners in Norfolk-
  • Cara verde
    Cara verde
    Male, 19




    Portuguese Spanish Catalan Italian Russian

    Tudo Bem.

    My skype is facebook:chrisdvhall821

    Feel free to message me, I'll answer.

    Eu gosto de falar em Português e English y Español. Correct me if I typed that wrong.



    I love listeing to different music genres like Tropicália (Brazilian), Guajira (Cuban) to classic rock. I go on Youtube frequently, and many spend hours on there daily.

  • Fraya
    Female, 23





    I have been interested in the German language for some time now. Recently a few of my friends have taken it up at university so I thought I would go ahead and start learning too. I have been self-teaching with the likes of Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur and miscelleneous texts but I see that these are very formal. Now, I am not above formality (I like it, in fact) but I do know that the average speaker of any language does not go around being all formal will everyone. As such, I seek to learn casual German, too. Generally, I am very good at picking up pronounciation; my problem area is remebering sentence structure....ugh. I want to learn anything I can, but mostly general conversational skills. I am quite eloquent in English so I know that when I get into the proper rhythm I will do very well with German. I am excited and happy to be adding it to my list of useful skills.


    I like sports cars, lifted trucks/SUVs, video games, heavy music, classical music, ambient music, Star Wars, tarot, true crime, fish, drawing, writing, alternative subcultures, clothes, boots, & psychology.

  • Niikorage
    Female, 14





    Hello, I'm Niiko. I'm 14 and I live in the U.S.A. I'm learning Japanese as a high school class this year and I'd love to have someone to practice with, age ranging between 13 and 16 years old. I am fluent in english and will be happy to help your in exchange for helping me~!

    Skype name: ms.kiryuu (Often listed with "niiko" and/or "rage" in the name)


    Manga anime art dance movies cosplay RP AMV

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