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  • Xkeith
    Male, 20 Years old


    English Spanish



    Hello everyone! I'm Kevin nd' I'm 20 y/o. I love music, I'm friendly and such...I am also shy and little awkward and terrible at the art of conversation, but gosh I will try ! I love food! My life would be meaningless without food haha! I hate lies and racists and I like helping the others, My favorite color is green and my favorite pet the cat (although I don't have any) .My favourite types of movies are drama and action movies. Also, I love learning.You will learn more about me in the future. :-) OH and I LOVE sleeping . I'd like to learn new languages specially portuguese but learning a bit of everything that'd be awesome (: , don't hesitate that I could help with Spanish/English I surely will do, I also would love to meet ppl from whole world, feel free to msg me, or add me up :)


    Music, books, games!

  • Isaac8126
    Male, 19




    Hi, I'm trying to improve my English. If you speak English and want to learn Spanish we can help each other out :). My skype account is Isaac..Sanchez By the way if you want to practice your Spanish just tell me :D I will be happy to talk with you.

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